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This list is for reporting technical errors and ambiguities in The Java Language Specification and The JVM Specification.

The list is a "drop box" for reports, so it is not necessary to subscribe in order to post. Posts are held for moderation by Oracle engineers who maintain the specs. They will use the list to discuss how to incorporate feedback, cc'ing the original poster where necessary.

Off-topic posts, such as proposals for Java language features, will be discarded. Feature development is carried out through the JEP Process; corresponding enhancements to The Java Language Specification and The JVM Specification are managed through the Java Community Process.

Materials posted to this list are licensed for evaluation and comment only. You can post modified versions of materials found here back to the list or to other parts of the OpenJDK web site that use these same terms.

To see the collection of prior postings to the list, visit the jls-jvms-spec-comments Archives.

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