[aarch64-port-dev ] Assert failure building Graal

Andrew Haley aph at redhat.com
Fri May 25 16:03:02 UTC 2018

This is today's jdk-jdk

# To suppress the following error report, specify this argument
# after -XX: or in .hotspotrc:  SuppressErrorAt=/aarch64.ad:2849
# A fatal error has been detected by the Java Runtime Environment:
#  Internal Error (/local/jdk-jdk/src/hotspot/cpu/aarch64/aarch64.ad:2849), pid=18689, tid=18767
#  assert(mbar != __null) failed: CAS not embedded in normal graph!
# JRE version: OpenJDK Runtime Environment (11.0) (slowdebug build 11-internal+0-adhoc.aph.jdk-jdk)
# Java VM: OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (slowdebug 11-internal+0-adhoc.aph.jdk-jdk, mixed mode, tiered, compressed oops, g1 gc, linux-aarch64)
# Core dump will be written. Default location: /local/graal/graal/compiler/core.18689
# An error report file with more information is saved as:
# /local/graal/graal/compiler/hs_err_pid18689.log

Current CompileTask:
C2:  34583 2284       4       java.util.concurrent.ConcurrentHashMap::casTabAt (21 bytes)

Stack: [0x000003ff816a0000,0x000003ff818a0000],  sp=0x000003ff8189a7a0,  free space=2025k
Native frames: (J=compiled Java code, A=aot compiled Java code, j=interpreted, Vv=VM code, C=native code)
V  [libjvm.so+0xfd1d1c]  VMError::report_and_die(Thread*, void*, char const*, int, char const*, char const*, std::__va_list)+0x7
V  [libjvm.so+0x6d8ab0]  report_vm_error(char const*, int, char const*, char const*, ...)+0x15c
V  [libjvm.so+0x26e54c]  needs_acquiring_load_exclusive(Node const*)+0x38c
V  [libjvm.so+0x72c4a0]  State::_sub_Op_CompareAndSwapN(Node const*)+0x68
V  [libjvm.so+0x76774c]  State::DFA(int, Node const*)+0x3f8
V  [libjvm.so+0xc97f4c]  Matcher::Label_Root(Node const*, State*, Node*, Node const*)+0x524
V  [libjvm.so+0xc9753c]  Matcher::match_tree(Node const*)+0x1e4
V  [libjvm.so+0xc95c94]  Matcher::xform(Node*, int)+0x168
V  [libjvm.so+0xc92b58]  Matcher::match()+0xcc0
V  [libjvm.so+0x65d664]  Compile::Code_Gen()+0x98
V  [libjvm.so+0x656510]  Compile::Compile(ciEnv*, C2Compiler*, ciMethod*, int, bool, bool, bool, DirectiveSet*)+0x11d8
V  [libjvm.so+0x507014]  C2Compiler::compile_method(ciEnv*, ciMethod*, int, DirectiveSet*)+0x158
V  [libjvm.so+0x672eb4]  CompileBroker::invoke_compiler_on_method(CompileTask*)+0x604
V  [libjvm.so+0x671ef8]  CompileBroker::compiler_thread_loop()+0x344
V  [libjvm.so+0xf54c68]  compiler_thread_entry(JavaThread*, Thread*)+0x94
V  [libjvm.so+0xf4fb54]  JavaThread::thread_main_inner()+0x194
V  [libjvm.so+0xf4f9ac]  JavaThread::run()+0x19c
V  [libjvm.so+0xd844d8]  thread_native_entry(Thread*)+0x17c
C  [libpthread.so.0+0x7c10]  start_thread+0xb0

Andrew Haley
Java Platform Lead Engineer
Red Hat UK Ltd. <https://www.redhat.com>
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