Proposing projects for OpenJDK

Richard Warburton richard.warburton at
Thu Feb 6 06:49:08 PST 2014


We have a couple of projects that *may* fall nicely into OpenJDK itself.
> Just as a heads up I'm holding off on proposing any for a week or two until
> the virtual-images, betterrev and jitwatch projects go through somewhat of
> a 1.0.0 release.
> For reference, the following projects (or parts of projects) may have
> merit in terms of being part of OpenJDK proper, see
> and details on these projects:
> * Betterrev (patch review and build farm system)
> * virtual-images (developer vm in a box)
> * Jitwatch (JavaFX tool to visualise JIT compilation)
> * Lambda tutorials (TDD driven tutorials for learning this Java 8 feature)

I can see jitwatch having value in being part of openjdk itself, since it
is directly related to openjdk.

As to the other projects I'm not sure why you're trying to move them. Both
github and bitbucket are much more preferable places to actually do
development work. Openjdk is an implementation of Java SE, things like
virtual images, tutorials and betterrev aren't part of Java SE. That's not
to say they aren't great projects or valuable for community openjdk people
but that isn't a good reason to start proposing they become top level
openjdk projects.


  Richard Warburton
  @RichardWarburto <>

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