Mission Statement for the Adoption Group for OpenJDK

Steve Poole SPOOLE at uk.ibm.com
Thu Feb 6 07:07:40 PST 2014

Sorry - don't like the mission statement. It's too concise and implies 
only code contributions.  The bit about "without overloading existing 
contributors" is presumptive.  I understand why we need to manage the 
quality of contributions but having wording like this in the mission 
statement does not fit well with me.

I'd rather have something more like:

"Champion increased  community involvement in the development, adoption 
and evangelism of OpenJDK projects"

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Hi all,

> "To effectively scale contributions to OpenJDK in a way that does not
> overload existing OpenJDK contributors"
Thanks Martijn - I like it. I believe the key purpose of a mission 
statement is to be direct about what should be accomplished, and this 
does statement does this very well.

Within teams I run at work I also like to supplement the mission 
statement with strategy and/or core values, with the analogy being that 
the mission statement is your destination, the strategy is your map and 
values act as your decision-making compass. Perhaps these supporting 
statements would be a good place to be more specific about our approach?

Best wishes,



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