OpenJDK or Adoption Group as an official Google Summer of Code organisation

Mario Torre neugens at
Mon Feb 10 03:39:13 PST 2014

On Wed, 2014-02-05 at 19:37 +0100, dalibor topic wrote:
> On 05.02.2014 18:02, Martijn Verburg wrote:
>  >
>  > Does anyone have expertise in the GSOC programme who could investigate
>  > whether we can register as an official sponsor organisation?
>  From looking at 
> it seems like a 'mentoring organization' would be a group of people 
> running a project. The Adoption Group does not 'run' OpenJDK, so 
> registering it wouldn't make sense. The only OpenJDK Group for which 
> that description would make sense would be the OpenJDK Governing Board.

There are also the so called "umbrella" organisations.

> Considering that OpenJDK related [0] projects [1] have [2] been [3] a 
> regular feature in that program in the past years, without OpenJDK as 
> such participating as a mentoring organization, I don't think we would 
> have to rush to register OpenJDK as a mentoring organization in light of 
> the looming deadline in a little more than a week.

Yes, plus at least two others which we did me and Roman under the GNU

> Instead, looking at the timeline at 
>, it seems that 
> this year's instance of the program was announced back in October.
> Assuming that a similar program gets announced again this year in the 
> autumn, and is supposed to start at about the same time next year, that 
> would give this Group enough time to understand the requirements, 
> expected time & resource commitment, and expected results, and then 
> discuss and wrap up a proposal for the Governing Board to decide on for 
> 2015.

I agree the timing is really short to make anything serious under the
OpenJDK umbrella, although I would definitely not wait next year,
instead I think it's good to have the discussion going on now, let's try
to produce something even if as OpenJDK we will apply only next year,
I'm sure the GB will help us with what's formally required.

Just FYI, last year I also applied with IcedTea as mentoring
organisation, although apparently the application wasn't optimal and
didn't get accepted. I would like to go ahead and try this again though.

Projects can also be things like contributing to BetterRev or the other
AdoptOpenJDK projects, so if you have ideas ping me and I'll try to get
this done before the deadline!


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