Gathering metrics for the Adoption programme

Daniel Bryant daniel.bryant at
Tue Feb 11 09:45:21 PST 2014

Hi all,

Responses inline:

On 05/02/2014 17:00, Martijn Verburg wrote:
> Initial Onboarding:
> =============
> * Number of mailing list users
> * Message volume on the mailing list
> * Number of new developers successfully building OpenJDK / Downloads 
> of OpenJDK development virtual machine
> * Number of unique visitors to Adoption page/wiki
> ** Perhaps measure impact on overall OpenJDK visits
Looks great - we could also include the number of followers (or Klout 
score) of the adoptopenjdk Twitter account, and the number of 
contributions to the wiki
> Betterrev:
> =======
> Betterev is a proposed patch workflow & build farm system. It will act 
> as community clearing house for new contributors and as a prototype 
> for OpenJDK infrastructure.
> * Number of patches submitted to Betterrev (a community clearing house 
> for new contributors)
> ** Number of patches subsequently committed to OpenJDK
Perfect. We could also add number of patches rejected/corrected due to 
quality issues, as I'm sure this stat would help convince the OpenJDK 
committers that Betterrev can help with initial triage :-)
> QA:
> ===
> * Number of FOSS projects involved in testing OpenJDK nightly builds
> * Number of bugs/issues reviewed by adoption group for quality control 
> purposes.
> Longterm Onboarding:
> ================
> * Number of 'graduates' from Adoption programme into official OpenJDK 
> contributors, authors, committers and reviewers.
This all looks great, and the number of 'graduates' is going to be a 
stat that we'll all watch with keen interest! :-)

If we're all in agreement with the proposed stats then we should create 
a plan to begin creating a baseline and a methodology for regularly 
updating (and sharing) these metrics.

Best wishes,


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