OpenJDK or Adoption Group as an official Google Summer of Code organisation

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Wed Feb 12 03:09:17 PST 2014

On 10.02.2014 15:05, Mario Torre wrote:
> My ideal organisation workflow would be the following:
> 1. GB grants privileges :)
> 2. Adoption takes charges of the project and handling of the GSoC
> program on behalf of GB
> 2a. Adoption decides tasks and project proposals (they may come from
> students too), reviews students and follow accepted projects
> 3. if any of the projects complete successfully, and is applicable,
> Adoption start the necessary arrangement in order to merge or "upstream"
> the selected projects. Of course, this will then go the usual way.
> What do you think?

It lacks step 0: do the research. I expect that would take a few weeks 
at least, given the wealth of poorly structured information. ;)

I assume that under 'takes charge' in point 2 you mean the 
administrative part, rather than the mentoring part.

Having this Group decide on acceptable tasks and proposals would make 
sense if and only if it limited itself to Projects it has very active 
multiple Committers & Reviewers on, i.e. if it has the necessary 
experience and expertise to judge what a new student could reasonably be 
expected to accomplish in a given time frame in light of the planned and 
ongoing development of the given Projects.

A better approach might be to collect input on tasks from Project Leads, 
rank them, and present them to the Governing Board for their approval.

Having this Group review (and fail fast, for example, as that's what 
reviews are about) students would also make little sense, unless it was 
actively involved with mentoring them, which implies active Committers 
and Reviewers on Projects where students are being mentored.

In other words, I don't expect this Group as a Group to have the 
necessary expertise to fail or pass a student working on, say, a PDP11 
Port. Figuratively speaking, of course - if you are a PDP 11 assembly 
expert, just imagine I picked some other old configuration, like 
m68k-a/ux ;)

That also consequentially means that merging is not a concern that this 
Group needs to have or can meaningfully contribute to as a Group - it 
would be a mentor's and student's decision, whether to start that 
process, and in conjunction with a given Project's Reviewers & Lead how 
to go best about it.

For some mildly related self reflection, and the huge commitment 
necessary to pull a successful summer of code off, see and the comments. In particular 
the comments.

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