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Donald Smith donald.smith at
Thu Feb 27 15:44:12 PST 2014

Don't know if we want to up-level this at all, but when we had the 
"Jetpack Duke" I always imagined that a good Duke for OpenJDK would be 
one who is flying on his own.  Eg, a Duke that takes matters into his 
own hands than rely on something else.

  - Don

On 27/02/2014 6:39 PM, Cecilia Borg wrote:
> Hi,
> I talked to Jeff Dinkins, who have drawn some Dukes' in the past, if he could do one for the Adopt group and he was positive!
> So - do we want one?
> What input should we give him in that case?
> As I asked Jeff about this, I'm positive towards the idea. It would be neat for JUG meetings to have the ability to do t-shirts and swag with Adoption Duke :)
> I want to avoid as much committee work as possible in any design process, so rather than discussing how the Duke should look, I wonder if we could describe the program and audience to Jeff and he - as the artist, could put his creativity in it?
> (Can you spot the OS mascots designed by an artist or the ones that are the result of a committee discussion? (Sotji, ahem...))
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