Adopt OpenJDK @ BG JUG, Step 2

Ivan St. Ivanov at
Mon Mar 31 19:39:13 UTC 2014

Hi folks,

I am Ivan from the Bulgarian Java User Group. We started end of last year
our Adopt OpenJDK efforts. As proposed on the wiki, we started with initial
presentation of the concepts to the JUG. We had a dedicated JUG meeting and
two talks by Mani from LJC on a couple of conferences in Sofia. Then we set
up Open JDK VM, that we shared to be used by our JUG members. In fact I
think that Mani's quick start document is referring to our VMs for
download. Last month we had Lambdas workshop in the JUG, where along with a
presentation of the great new feature in Java 8, we did a hands-on lab on
the well known Lambda tutorial.

Now, it's time for the next step. According to the wiki, a good thing to
start with is doing some small fixes like applying project coin or lambdas
to some JDK methods. I decided to set up locally Java 9. Earlier this week
I met (guess whom?) Mani at JavaLand and he advised me to run IntelliJ's
code analysis to find some candidates for such small fixes. Based on that I
created a really small patch, just to walk down the path, before going to
the JUG. Here is a link to the webrev archive that I created:

So, I have the following questions:

- Do you think that such type of change would be welcome? If not, would you
recommend what should we do before going to JBUG? If yes, we will go on in
our JUG and find some other such small issues and even add test cases for
- Would you recommend having one big patch for all the changes that we
find, or you think it is better to have one patch per issue

Special thanks to Mani for all the help that he's been giving our JUG in
the last few months!


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