Adopt OpenJDK hackday last week (Saturday, 16th May)

Mani Sarkar sadhak001 at
Mon May 18 22:35:09 UTC 2015

Hi all,

As usual, our regular Adopt OpenJDK hackday ( took place the
@SalesForce offices also touted as @HackTheTower, a big shout out to Sales
Force, Heroku and John Stevenson for hosting us and organising the day
around opensource projects.

We split into three big groups, one of them was the Adopt OpenJDK group.
Seated on the big table near the windows, we started the day looking at
various areas. Here's a run down of activities, who attended did what:

*Greg Backo* - trailing Kulla (see his post on the Adoption Discuss mailing
list from earlier -

*Emanuele Tagliaferri* - building and running Maven on JDK-1.9.0-ea, and
noting the pain points at various stages

*Enrico: * working on OAuth, which you can see, he has made some great
progress, see

*New attendees: *a few new attendees were working on the Beginner's level
section (see

*Regular attendees: *two other regular attendees were working on the
Intermediate level section (see

All-in-all a very productive day.

Thanks to all those who attended and also provided feedback that has been
applied to the gitbook, with the creation of Adopt OpenJDK pathways, see

There's always room for development and we would love to hear from you, and
gather your feedback on any aspect of the material shared with the
community so far.

Thanks and see you at the next hackday, if not at the Adopt Workshops, see


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