hg: amber/amber: hooking records to patterns

Brian Goetz brian.goetz at oracle.com
Fri Apr 6 18:52:46 UTC 2018

For one reason, because there might not _be_ a primary constructor.  
Suppose I have a pattern that takes a matrix and returns its 
eigenvalues.  There isn't necessarily a "primary constructor" that takes 
the eigenvalues and returns a matrix.  The descriptor describes the 
arity and types of the binding variables -- it's pure type information.  
Maybe there's an inverse method with a related descriptor, maybe there 

On 4/6/2018 2:29 PM, Remi Forax wrote:
> I'm Ok with this design for the extractor, exporting the component method handles,
> it's not clear for me why the descriptor is not a method handle corresponding to the primary constructor instead of a method type.
> For the implementation, i suppose it's temporary until it uses a ConstantDynamic instead of an Indy.
> Also Flag.RECORD should be named Flag.EXTRACTOR when applied on a method even if it shares the same value.
> regards,
> Rémi
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>> hooking records to patterns
>> ! make/autoconf/spec.gmk.in
>> ! src/java.base/share/classes/java/lang/compiler/Extractor.java
>> ! src/java.base/share/classes/module-info.java
>> ! src/jdk.compiler/share/classes/com/sun/tools/javac/code/Symtab.java
>> ! src/jdk.compiler/share/classes/com/sun/tools/javac/code/Types.java
>> ! src/jdk.compiler/share/classes/com/sun/tools/javac/comp/Lower.java
>> ! src/jdk.compiler/share/classes/com/sun/tools/javac/util/Names.java

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