Records -- current status

Brian Goetz brian.goetz at
Thu Apr 12 01:57:48 UTC 2018

On 4/11/2018 7:46 PM, Stephen Colebourne wrote:
>> There are a number of potentially open details on the design for records.
>> My inclination is to start with the simplest thing that preserves the
>> flexibility and expectations we want, and consider opening up later as
>> necessary.
> I'd like to agree, but I fear that what is proposed is too
> restrictive, and that it will be an attractive nuisance, especially
> given the large cliff edge (acknowledged by the docs as being a
> problem, but I worry "wait" for the improvements in classes may get
> overtaken by other more pressing concerns). The cliff egde is my
> biggest concern with records.

Reading again, I think you misunderstood my statement.  You read this as 
"release a super-restricted version now, and loosen up later."  What I 
meant is "start designing from a restricted point, which creates the 
fewest design constraints, and find the right design."  In other words, 
we're not done; this memo was simply a snapshot of where we are to get 
everyone on the same page.  We have much work left to do.

The good news is the issues you raise here are all the ones we've known 
about from the start, which is encouraging.

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