Expression switch - an alternate proposal

Brian Goetz brian.goetz at
Fri Apr 13 12:03:33 UTC 2018

Let me clarify some things here.

>> I also don't understand Rémy's remark that a traditional break inside a switch expression is disallowed.

In the same way that "break" is disallowed in a lambda.  Obviously 
lambdas can contain the keyword "break", but it must be contained 
_within_ a construct that permits break.  So break-in-while-in-lambda is 
OK, but break at the top level of a lambda is not OK.  Additionally, 
labeled break and continue cannot pass control _through_ a lambda 
expression or expression switch.

Similarly, bare or labeled break, continue, and return are not allowed 
at the top level of an expression switch.  There's a spec draft, posted 
on amber-spec-experts, that covers this, and there's been discussion on 
the EG list of how this would work.

>> What rules out
>>         case BAKED_POTATO:
>>               Toppings t = new Toppings();
>>               t.add(SOUR_CREAM);
>>               t.add(CHEESE);
>>               int count = 0;
>>               while (true) {
>>                  if (count == 10) break; else count++;
>>                  t.add(BACON);
>>               }
>>               break t;

Here, the `break` in the while loop breaks out of the while loop. That's 
fine; that's ordinary composition (you can put statements in a switch; a 
while-loop is a statement; a while loop with a break in it is a 
statement.).  At the top level within the expression switch, the break 
must take an expression.

The whole point here is _not_ to invent a new and different construct.  
I know its very tempting to say "why not just invent a simpler construct 
just for this", but this idea always crashes and burns.

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