deduplicating lambda methods

Louis Wasserman lowasser at
Mon Mar 5 19:55:19 UTC 2018

So, here's a start on some of the data questions that have been asked in
this thread.  There's an attached PDF with a bunch of nice graphs and
tables discussing all lambdas in Google's codebase.  This is a pretty
simplistic analysis, deduplicating lambdas syntactically modulo parameter
name and target type including generics, but a more subtle analysis might
merge some more things -- e.g. Function.identity().  Some other interesting
data points not in the PDF:

Among nongenerated files having any lambdas at all,

   - 16.5% have at least one syntactic duplicate in them.
   - The average number of lambdas with at least one syntactic duplicate is
   - The average number of synthetic methods you'd eliminate by
   deduplicating within a file is 0.47.

The six most common (target type including generics, syntactic method body
modulo parameter naming) pairs across our entire codebase were:
(Runnable) () -> {}  // 674
(Predicate<String>) str -> !str.isEmpty() // 640
(Function<String, String>) str -> str // 492
(Callable<Void>) () -> null // 259
(Predicate<String>) str -> !Strings.isNullOrEmpty(str) // 204
(Function<Long, Long>) x -> x // 177

(Worth mentioning explicitly: x -> x + 1 was a ways down, with only 56
occurrences for UnaryOperator<Integer> as the most common type.)

Liam and I are still working on collecting information on method references
and on statefulness and serializability.

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>> source file, and of the duplicated lambdas, what percentage are stateless
>> and non-serializable?

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