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Wed Apr 11 18:29:35 UTC 2018

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1) Keep the design simple.

2) When you are creating something new and are in doubt as to whether to
validate bad design decisions from 40 years ago, do not keep old stuff just
for the sake of keeping old stuff.

3) With lambdas, any arbitrarily complex amount of code can be placed into
a lambda, so a switch expression does not need to support directly embedded
statements (assuming a lambda expression can be invoked as part of the

(And apologies in advance for the HTML below which may cause horrible side
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// suggestions for Java Amber "switch expression" project
// building on constructs from the JLS 8 section 14.11: "The switch Statement"

    switch ( Expression ) SwitchExpressionBlock

    { {SwitchExpressionBlockGroup} {SwitchLabel} }

    SwitchLabels Expression ;

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