New Group Proposal: OpenJDK Conformance

iris.clark at iris.clark at
Fri Sep 28 10:57:29 PDT 2007


I'd like to propose creation of the OpenJDK Conformance Group.  The
intent of this group is to discuss conformance testing and
compatibility issues.  Topics for discussion include:

  - Defining conformance testing
  - Understanding the importance of compatibility between releases
  - Distinguishing between conformance and product tests
  - Acquiring the JCK for an OpenJDK project
  - Configuring and running the JCK
  - Contributing new JCK tests

This group will have two mailing lists.  The first is open to everyone
and will contain discussions around compatibility, conformance
testing, and general JCK installation and usability.  The second
mailing list is open only to group members who have signed the OpenJDK
Community TCK Licensee Agreement.  Discussions on this list will focus
on understanding the behavior and validity of specific tests and other
confidential materials.

The initial members of this group are Jeff Dinkins, Jon Gibbons, Mark
Reinhold, and Iris Clark (moderator).

Iris Clark

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