OpenJDK Community Code Review server rollout

Tim Bell Tim.Bell at Sun.COM
Wed Feb 4 22:20:10 PST 2009

As Mark posted on the discuss list [1], the JDK development team uses
peer review as an essential part of the Engineering process.

If the change is a bug fix, we use a script called webrev [2] to
inspect modified files and generate a collection of web pages showing
the proposed changes.  The pages are hosted on a web server and a link
to them is circulated as part of the review request.  Mark wrote: "The
bug here, of course, is that these publication methods don't make code
reviews visible on the open web..."

With that introduction, I would like to announce the initial rollout
of an OpenJDK Community Code Review server.  The home page is

Users having push access to the Mercurial repositories also have scp,
sftp, and rsync access to the code review server.  Please refer to the
link above for more information and an example showing how to push a
webrev to the server.

This is an initial step, and I am sure there will be many more.
Please give the site a try and send feedback to

Best Regards-



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