New Project Proposal: Hotspot Express

Erik Trimble Erik.Trimble at Sun.COM
Thu May 7 15:54:36 PDT 2009

In accordance with the OpenJDK guidelines for projects [1], I hereby 
propose the OpenJDK Project "HotSpot Express".

This Project will be used for the development of stable versions of the 
Java HotSpot Virtual Machine.  In the HotSpot Express release model, new
versions of HotSpot are drawn from its leading development line 
(currently in OpenJDK 7) and prepared for delivery as product-quality

I propose this project be sponsored by the HotSpot Group [2] and that I 
be the initial moderator of the project.


Erik Trimble
Java System Support
Mailstop:  usca22-123
Phone:  x17195
Santa Clara, CA
Timezone: US/Pacific (GMT-0800)

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