OpenJDK Community Bylaws: Installed

mark.reinhold at mark.reinhold at
Tue Oct 25 09:43:33 PDT 2011

Now that the Census [1] has been completed and cross-checked, and
some necessary documentation prepared, the OpenJDK Community Bylaws
are now officially in effect.

The Bylaws and the Census have new, permanent homes:

The Census will be updated on demand as people, Groups, and Projects
come and go.

The Group and Project overview pages have been rewritten:

These pages now give both advice and step-by-step instructions for
nominating Contributors to new roles and for proposing new Groups
and Projects.  (Thanks to Iris Clark for these updates.)

Finally, the OpenJDK Members Group has been created:

If you are an OpenJDK Member then you will automatically be added to
that Group's mailing list.

- Mark


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