Proposed update to the OpenJDK Web Site Terms of Use

mark.reinhold at mark.reinhold at
Wed Jun 20 12:10:48 PDT 2012

A proposed update to the OpenJDK Web Site Terms of Use is available for

Please send comments and questions regarding this proposal to the general
discussion list [1] by Thursday, 5 July 2012.

The primary goal of this update is to allow work on specifications for
Java SE JSRs to take place in the OpenJDK Community, right alongside the
work on their reference implementations.  The Expert Groups for such JSRs
will hold their technical discussions in the open, for all to see.  The
specifications they create will continue to be licensed under terms
similar to those used in the past [2], but no click-through agreement
will be required in order to access specification materials.  This change
enables the specification leads of such JSRs to satisfy the transparency
requirements of version 2.8 of the Java Community Process [3].

Two other changes in this update are to specify explicitly that the
default outbound license for all code is GPLv2 (previously it was
unspecified), and to align the rest of the text more closely with
Oracle's standard Terms-of-Use document.

For details, please see:

  - A Plain-English summary of the ToU

  - The full legal ToU document

  - Frequently-asked questions (FAQ)

- Mark


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