CFV: New Project: Code Tools

Jonathan Gibbons jonathan.gibbons at
Thu Mar 22 16:46:50 PDT 2012

I hereby propose the creation of the Code Tools Project[1] with
Jon Gibbons as the Lead and the Compiler Group as the sponsoring

The goal of the Code Tools Project will be to provide tools of use to
OpenJDK developers while working on the OpenJDK code base.
Such tools currently include test tools and Mercurial extensions;
it is envisaged that additional tools will be added over time,
after discussion on the Project's main mailing list, and subject
to the Project Lead's approval.

There are a number of initial candidates for inclusion in such a Project.

* jtreg
       jtreg is the regression test harness for the OpenJDK platform.
       It is currently just available via source bundles [2].

* jtharness
       jtharness is the test framework underlying jtreg [3].

* sigtest
       sigtest is a set of utilities relating to API signature checking [4].

* the Mercurial "jcheck" extension
       jcheck provides simple validity checks on the contents of a changeset

Jon has long been involved in the tools aspects of testing JDK.
He designed the original JavaTest harness, underlying both JCK
and jtreg.  Since joining the JDK LangTools team, he has led the
way in improving the reliability of test runs, both by improving
tests and/or the jtreg test harness.

The suggested sets of initial reviewers and committers are based
upon the contributors to the initial set of tools listed above.

The suggested initial set of Reviewers is:

     Mark Reinhold
     John Coomes
     Iris Clark
     Brian Kurotsuchi
     Dmitry Fazunenko
     Mikhail Ershov
     Kevin Looney
     Andrey Titov

In addition, the suggested initial set of Committers is:

     Larry Hoffman
     Dawn Phillips

Votes are due by 7:00AM UTC, Friday 6 April [7].

Only current OpenJDK Members [5] are eligible to vote on this

For Lazy Consensus voting instructions, see [6].

-- Jon Gibbons


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