CFV: New Project: JDK 9

mark.reinhold at mark.reinhold at
Wed Oct 30 15:30:20 PDT 2013

I hereby propose the creation of the JDK 9 Project, with me as the Lead
and the Governing Board as the sponsoring Group.

The goal of this Project will be to produce an open-source reference
implementation of the Java SE 9 Platform, which will be specified in a
corresponding JSR, yet to be submitted, in the Java Community Process.

The Project's repositories will initially be open for bug fixes and
small enhancements only.  Features for the release will be proposed
and tracked via the existing JEP Process [1].

Anyone who holds the Author, Committer, or Reviewer role in the JDK 8
Project [2] and has contributed at least one changeset to JDK 8 will
be granted the same role in the JDK 9 Project.

Votes are due by 23:59 UTC on Wednesday, 13 November [3].

Only current OpenJDK Members [4] are eligible to vote on this motion.
Votes must be cast in the open on the discuss list.  Replying to this
message is sufficient if your mail program honors the Reply-To header.

For Lazy Consensus voting instructions, see [5].

- Mark


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