New mailing list: platform-jep-discuss

mark.reinhold at mark.reinhold at
Wed Jun 18 15:42:01 UTC 2014

As proposed in the JEP 2.0 draft [1], I've created a new mailing list
where large, cross-component JEPs can be discussed until such time as
they have Project-specific mailing lists.

Here's the list description in Mailman:

  This list hosts early discussions of large, cross-component JEPs.

  Such a JEP, when first drafted, may direct readers to use this list
  for initial discussions.  This list may continue to be used until such
  time as further discussion of that JEP can be hosted in a list
  associated with an appropriate OpenJDK Group or Project.

  This list is not intended for the discussion of arbitrary feature
  proposals; it is solely for the discussion of existing JEP documents.

  Like most OpenJDK mailing lists, anyone may subscribe to this list,
  but only subscribers may post.

To subscribe:

- Mark


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