OpenJDK server migration complete

mark.reinhold at mark.reinhold at
Mon Mar 10 17:21:51 UTC 2014

All servers and up and functioning normally with the exception of, which is working but slowly.

Reminders about the Mercurial changes:

  - The push-only "-gate" repos are no longer be needed and have been
    removed.  Changes must be pulled from, and pushed to, the same
    repository.  (Pushes must still be done via ssh, not http.)  If you
    have recorded "-gate" repository paths in any .hg/hgrc files then
    you'll have to remove the "-gate" suffix from those paths.

  - The unsupported Forest extension is no longer present on the server,
    so commands such as fpush, fpull, fincoming, etc., will no longer
    work.  As an alternative you can use the recently-published Trees
    extension [1] or the existing script [2].

  - The minimum recommended version of Mercurial on the client side is
    2.6.3, although earlier versions are likely to continue to work.

Additional note:

  - The SSH host keys on the cr and hg servers have changed, so you'll
    need to update your known_hosts file.  On Unix-like systems you can
    do that with these commands:

      $ ssh-keygen -R
      $ ssh-keygen -R

Please report any problems to ops at openjdk dot java dot net.

- Mark


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