OpenJDK Governing Board 2016 Election: Nominations Please

Iris Clark iris.clark at
Wed Mar 9 01:29:31 UTC 2016

The OpenJDK Governing Board oversees the structure and operation of
the OpenJDK Community [1].  It has two At-Large Members who serve for
a term of one calendar year, nominally starting on the first day of
April each year [2].

The two-week nomination period for candidates to fill those seats is
now open.  It will end at 23:00 UTC on Monday, 21 March 2016 [3].

During this time any OpenJDK Member [4] may nominate an individual who
does not currently hold an appointed Governing Board seat to fill one
of the At-Large seats.  That individual need not already be an OpenJDK
Member.  An OpenJDK Member may make more than one such nomination.

To nominate someone, send an e-mail message to members at
with the subject line "GB Nomination: $NAME", where $NAME is the full
name of the person you're nominating.  Use the body of the message to
make the best case you can for your nominee.

Nominees must accept their nominations by the start of voting.  Those
who do accept will be invited to submit short candidate statements to
be posted on the election page [5].

Voting will start on Tuesday, 22 March 2016 and run for two weeks.  All
OpenJDK Members as of the start of the voting period will be eligible
to vote.  Detailed information on voting logistics will be available



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