<AWT Dev> RFE: new function in Desktop class

Paulo Levi i30817 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 23 03:54:38 PDT 2010

Nope. I don't have a computer that would be able to build the jdk. But it
seems like it would be a function that already exists, at least partially
and privately. I've meanwhile thought of a good name.
public void explore(File f)?

What do you think?

On Mon, Mar 22, 2010 at 7:42 AM, Denis Fokin <Denis.Fokin at sun.com> wrote:

>  Hi Paulo,
> do you have a reference implementation or some kind of prototype?
> Thank you,
>       Denis.
> On 3/6/10 6:48 PM, Paulo Levi wrote:
> Hi. I'm using Desktop.open to open the default file explorer, by doing
> File.getParent() and opening that.
> However i'd like the file(s) that interest me to open selected in the file
> explorer, but as the open function is overloaded there doesn't seem to be a
> way to do that?
> I'm proposing to separate the file explorer part into a separate function
> call that can be called with a normal file, not only directories, so that
> the files can appear selected and visible, like any decent file explorer
> does.
> Can't think of a good name for the function since browse is already taken.
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