FreeBSD os::*thread_cpu_time()

Will Andrews will at
Fri May 22 21:42:44 UTC 2015


Please review (vs OpenJDK 8u45):

This patch fixes os_bsd.cpp to lookup pthread_getcpuclockid(), and
call it to respond to requests made for os::*thread_cpu_time().  (The
patch file names are meant to be copied to the current version of the
java/openjdk8 FreeBSD port.)

Anybody know how these (or something to the same effect) can get into
the OpenJDK distribution?

Further, is there any effort towards implementing a "posix" OS layer
so OSs that implement POSIX standards based calls like these don't
have to reimplement identical os:: abstractions?  This code is
functionally identical to the Linux version.  :-/


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