strange build error

Roman Kennke roman.kennke at
Fri Apr 11 08:36:27 UTC 2008

Hi there,

while developing on my Innovators Challenge project, I came about the
following build error:

I'm not sure what does and why it
fails. The classes all compile fine. A couple of notes:

- This error only occurs with the patches that I developed for the
challenge project, you can find these patches here:

Simply do:

cd $(OPENJDK)/jdk/.hg
hg clone patches
cd ..
hg qpush -a

This should fetch and apply all the patches in this patch queue (it
requires the Mercurial patch queue extension though).

- The corresponding code is a nested anonymous inner class like this:

   final Runnable fileCloserRunnable = new Runnable() {
     public void run() {
            new {
               public Object run() {

etc. Dunno why this is a problem.

- This error seems to be triggered by a recent change in OpenJDK. It did
not fail 3 weeks or so ago.

Any help is appreciated.

If this is not the right list (maybe a javac problem?) please redirect
as appropriate.

Cheers, Roman

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