Review request: Zero buildsystem changes

Tim Bell Tim.Bell at Sun.COM
Thu Oct 15 04:14:16 UTC 2009

Gary Benson wrote:

> As an update to my previous message, the HotSpot part of this patch
> was tested and pushed to hotspot-comp last night, so the remaining
> code for review is this:
> I'm going on vacation on Friday 16, returning Monday 26, so could
> anyone replying off-list please Cc gnu_andrew at, who
> is going to handle this in my absence.  We'd love to see this in
> in time for Milestone 5, and we'd hate to miss the boat because
> an email was sitting in my inbox unread!

(Adding Andrew as requested).

These changes look OK to Kelly and myself.  Also, my test run on our
internal build farm called JPRT (a full control build of everything after
adding your patch) worked:

> JPRT: [sfbay] job notification - success with job

How would you like to proceed?  With the hotspot work, Tom Rodriguez (AKA 'never')
did the push as an agent for you via JPRT because that is a hotspot requirement.

I am willing to do that as well for the JDK changes, or you could create
the changeset and push yourself.  We are not quite as strict about requiring
a JPRT grid build before pushing on the JDK side.  I wish we were, but so
far I have not won that contest :-)

I filed bug ID 6891677 "java/build integrate zero assembler JDK changes" for
this, but it may not be visible externally for a day or two.

Let me know - I'd be glad to help get this changeset in.


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