Review request: Zero buildsystem changes

Andrew John Hughes gnu_andrew at
Thu Oct 15 13:23:07 UTC 2009

2009/10/15 Tim Bell <Tim.Bell at>:
> Gary Benson wrote:
>> As an update to my previous message, the HotSpot part of this patch
>> was tested and pushed to hotspot-comp last night, so the remaining
>> code for review is this:
>> I'm going on vacation on Friday 16, returning Monday 26, so could
>> anyone replying off-list please Cc gnu_andrew at, who
>> is going to handle this in my absence.  We'd love to see this in
>> in time for Milestone 5, and we'd hate to miss the boat because
>> an email was sitting in my inbox unread!
> (Adding Andrew as requested).
> These changes look OK to Kelly and myself.  Also, my test run on our
> internal build farm called JPRT (a full control build of everything after
> adding your patch) worked:
>> JPRT: [sfbay] job notification - success with job
> How would you like to proceed?  With the hotspot work, Tom Rodriguez (AKA 'never')
> did the push as an agent for you via JPRT because that is a hotspot requirement.
> I am willing to do that as well for the JDK changes, or you could create
> the changeset and push yourself.  We are not quite as strict about requiring
> a JPRT grid build before pushing on the JDK side.  I wish we were, but so
> far I have not won that contest :-)
> I filed bug ID 6891677 "java/build integrate zero assembler JDK changes" for
> this, but it may not be visible externally for a day or two.
> Let me know - I'd be glad to help get this changeset in.
> Tim

Pushed on Gary's behalf:

Andrew :-)

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