6856630: Restructure jaxp/jaxws repository

Jonathan Gibbons Jonathan.Gibbons at Sun.COM
Wed Oct 28 17:04:19 UTC 2009

Kelly O'Hair wrote:
> Joseph D. Darcy wrote:
>> Andrew John Hughes wrote:
>>> 2009/10/23 Kelly O'Hair <Kelly.Ohair at sun.com>:
>>>> Jonathan Gibbons wrote:
>>>>> Kelly O'Hair wrote:
>>>>>> Jonathan Gibbons wrote:
>>>>>>> Kelly O'Hair wrote:
>> [big snip]
>>>> DOH!  Sorry...
>>>> Yes, these jaxp and jaxws forests can probably go away, we won't
>>>> be using them.
>>>> The current plan is that jaxp/jaxws changes (new bundles) will go
>>>> through the TL forest.
>>>> -kto
>>> I'm guilty of also thinking that Jonathan was referring to the jaxws
>>> and jaxp repositories per forest, rather than the specific forests.
>>> On that note, i18n could probably die too because apparently that team
>>> always use the swing forest for commits.
>>> It would be nice to one day get rid of the jaxp and jaxws trees too.
>>> I don't actually see why they were created as trees to begin with,
>>> given they've always been upstream and not a source of many commits.
>>> The one to actual split up would be jdk, as I can feel Mercurial
>>> struggling with it a bit already on jdk7.  But I don't know how
>>> feasible that is, if at all.  Maybe Jigsaw will help there.
>>> One thing that does worry me -- what happens when the jaxws or jaxp
>>> code needs security updates?
>> Yes, the need to support security fixes was considered as part of 
>> this new delivery model.  Ultimately a revised source bundle with the 
>> security fixes will need to be produced.  Until then, the fixes can 
>> be represented as patches which are applied to the sources before the 
>> build.  Kelly can speak to the implementation details of the patch 
>> mechanism.
> It's crude, but should serve in an emergency. See the patches/README.
> After a bundle is unzipped, all patches are applied, none right now.
> I hope that we can always just get updated bundles.
> Originally, the jaxp and jaxws (and corba) workspaces were created
> mainly as a place to move files from (trim) the original "j2se" 
> workspace,
> and we had no idea where we were going with it all, except that we
> knew these were out of place in the j2se workspace, which became
> the jdk repository.
> The jaxp and jaxws repos could just go away someday, but I'll leave
> that for another day. ;^)
> Let's just call it evolution. ;^)
> -kto
>> -Joe
Presumably, it would be "trivial" to move the files from the jaxp, jaxws 
repositories into the root repository such that the only perceivable 
difference would be where the hidden .hg files are.   In other words, 
the current jaxp and jaxws repos simply become subdirectories of the 
root repository, with no other changes to the makefiles being required.

-- Jon

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