Question on how to properly find all the sources going into a JDK

Joe Darcy Joe.Darcy at Sun.COM
Thu Apr 8 19:40:22 UTC 2010


 From time to time, I want to run an annotation processor over all the 
Java sources going into the JDK.  Annotation processors as compiler 
plug-ins can be used to check various structural properties of the 
code.  For example, an annotation processor could be used to find 
potential methods to be converted to use var-args.

The goal is to ideally have a single command like

    javac -proc:only -processor MyProcessor $OTHER_OPTIONS  `Long list 
of files`

and I wanted to verify the proper way to get the long list of files.  
 From the root of a JDK 7 forest with a build directory, does

find corba/src \
jaxp/drop/jaxp_src \
jaxws/drop/jaxws_src \
langools/src \
jdk/src/share jdk/src/$OS \
-name "*.java"

cover all the files of interest?

(It is technically possible, but less convenient, to run such annotation 
processors over the class files in rt.jar and tools.jar.)



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