Building javac on Netbeans and windows

Omkar Raut omkar86 at
Sun Feb 6 11:48:45 UTC 2011


I am trying to setup a development environment for langtools project in

I am new to netbeans. I am trying to build the langtools project in Netbeans
with manually copied sources. I am getting compile error in the import
statement of "java.nio.File.Attributes" & some other packages in some
classes. I suspect that I am missing some other projects which are needed by
langtools in build path. How do I know which projects contain these classes?
Is there a simpler way of setting a development environment with openjdk7
(specifically langtools/javac project) on Netbeans on windows?

Any help appreciated!

Thank you,
Omkar Raut
Student, UC Irvine
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