Commit responsibilities and Lines of Defense

Brad Wetmore bradford.wetmore at
Tue Feb 22 02:26:59 UTC 2011

>>> Definitely.  Making OpenJDK bug DB IDs usable in changesets would be
>>> a good start (probably involves jcheck...)
>> I'll have to punt on that, someone else is working on it, but the
>> intent is to have a
>> completely open bug tracking system that also allows us link it with
>> the internal Oracle
>> bug tracking system. Once we have that defined, jcheck can be adjusted
>> to use those numbers
>> or IDs.  I don't think all the details are worked out. I'll see if I
>> can ping someone to make
>> some of the planning more public.
> So this is going to be yet another system? What will happen to the existing
> pretty much unused OpenJDK bug database?

Kelly just wrote:
 > It's not clear...and slightly augmented by the openjdk bugzilla.

I think Andrew was referring to  This 
bugzilla instance was set up to track patch contributions until a more 
permanent bug tracking solution could be developed/deployed.  That's 
where we are now.  bugs.o.j.n is still the place to submit/track 
patches, and I expect data from that bugzilla instance will be migrated 
to the new system.

 > (and we did a poor job of watching over the bugzilla system, sorry).

The expectation was that patch submissions should be made visible by the 
submitter and discussed on the project team's mailing list.

bugs.o.j.n was not supposed to track bugs, although some people 
submitted bugs without patches, and which obviously didn't gain much 

To quote Kelly:    *The views expressed in this email are my own and do 
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