[PATCH FOR REVIEW] Allow OpenJDK to be built with the unlimited crypto policy

Andrew Hughes ahughes at redhat.com
Tue Sep 18 14:39:20 UTC 2012

This is an issue that has been with us for a while.  See:


for some background.

The original proposed patch goes to far in removing most of the
infrastructure for restricting crypto levels and signing of crypto

The following simple webrev will achieve what I think is needed:


allowing OpenJDK to be built with the unlimited rather than limited
crypto policy in place.

The build is only altered if both an OpenJDK build is being performed
and UNLIMITED_CRYPTO is defined.  In this case, the install-unlimited
rule is used to install policies.  Without UNLIMITED_CRYPTO being set,
OpenJDK builds still depend on install-limited as now.

I believe this is a fairly unintrusive change which should allow GNU/Linux
distros to ship without crypto restrictions while still using upstream
OpenJDK rather than a variant with several classes removed.

It's not clear to me why this approach wasn't taken before, so I hope I haven't
missed something.

If this looks ok, I'll push it as the resolution for bug 7188845.
Andrew :)

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