First push of build-infra to JDK8 coming up

Magnus Ihse Bursie magnus.ihse.bursie at
Fri Mar 9 03:10:24 PST 2012

Hi all,

The build-infra project is getting near it's first milestone. We have a build system that is workable, and where most of the code is converted to the new system. Not all of the old build functionality is available, and not all platforms work equally well. But we have enough of well-functioning code that we want to expose it to a wider audience. 

We have already started to prepare for a push to JDK8. Kelly has merged the source-drop removal of JAXP and JAXWS into the build forest. Erik and Fredrik has pushed a series of patches to the Hotspot Makefiles preparing them for working with both the old and the new build system. 

We still have a few more of such patches (one for each of the Hotspot, Corba, Langtools and JDK repositories), but when they are pushed, we plan to make the first major push to JDK8. This will be in the form of added code in new, separate subdirectories. This push will in no way affect the old build, but will only make the new build system available for those eager to try it out. 

The plan is to do this push no later than March 21, but hopefully earlier. 

We will present more information about this push shortly, including a WebRev. Stay tuned! 


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