Caciocavallo 1.3 released

Roman Kennke roman at
Wed Dec 12 06:07:34 PST 2012

Today we released version 1.3 of Caciocavallo.

It's a small release:

- Fix an incompatibility with the latest code in OpenJDK7, which
introduce an incompatible change in SunToolkit.
- Fix a focus problem that comes up with popups, when the popup is not a

Since I did not write a release announcement for 1.2 (bad me!!), here
are the changes in Cacio 1.2:

- Implement CacioToolkit.getScreenResolution().
- Implement CacioToolkit.getSystemClipboard().
- Implement basic CacioMouseInfoPeer.
- Fixed memory leak when disposing windows.
- Use AWTAccessor in KFMHelper instead of reflection.

The 1.3 release has been uploaded to Maven central, so you can use it
your Maven projects:|ga|1|cacio


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