DRAFT PROPOSAL: Robotics package in JDK

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Sat Mar 1 11:18:07 PST 2008

*Robotic package in JDK*

* *

*Need for this API:*

As robots are becoming increasingly popular, research at a very large scale
is going on in the field of robotics. New robots are being developed
everyday serving daily human work to scientific applications in laboratory.
This increases the need to develop software for robots. In this context
Microsoft had developed Microsoft robotic studio which provide environment
to develop softwares which are written in visual studio languages. Also they
had provided the tool which can burn these programs onto the robots memory.


Idea is to firstly develop a complete package which can provide a framework
to develop robotic application in java. Secondly adding a Robotic Emulator
in Net Beans to provide platform to test and run these applications
virtually, and generate the assembly code. Then this code can be actually
burnt on to the memory of the robot and made to run the robot physically.

The package will provide a generic model for a robot with generic classes
and interfaces. Like MidLets are the bases to develop mobile application.
Similarly few classes will be provided to develop a model of robot.

*Work Flow:*

As we know that basis of the working of the robots is the micro-controller
so in our first step we will provide all the possible configurations of the
same and the possible customization for it. Since the hardware limitations
are there so we will be providing output in terms of the best possible
interface. Now once the robot engineer gets the prior look of the actual
functioning of his/her robot he/she can go for the emulation device of the

Since the robots learn from the environment while performing there task so
sense ability of them can also be embedded by having a parallel thread of
the possible hurdles which let it to judge the best possible activity.
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