Closures being part of Java 7?

Alexander Schunk aschunk at
Tue Jul 22 10:39:12 PDT 2008


i am new to this list and would like
to introduce myself first.

I am a Java developper and also
write books on Java for Oreilly publishers.

We are planning to publish a book
on Java 7 in early spring next year
depending on when Java 7 will be
publicly available.

Now i am trying to get information
on new language features that might
be part of Java 7.

I have learned from publicly available slides and
other websites that i.g. superpackages
and xml language support are seriously
considered to be included.

However, the thing thats interesting me
most is: are Closures being part of Java 7?

I hope to get an answer here from this list
because i think that closures are really
an important feature that Java should have
since even scripting languages like Scala
support it.

Thank your for your replies.

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