Fwd: Closures in openjdk

Mark Reinhold mr at sun.com
Thu Jun 12 14:29:03 PDT 2008

> Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2008 12:55:12 -0700
> From: Neal Gafter <neal at gafter.com>

> I haven't pushed the closures changes to the openjdk repository at your
> request (April 21) because I'm awaiting confirmation that there are no issue
> with copyrights on the sources.  Jon Gibbons has the diffs, but he's not
> quite sure what you want him to look for.

I apologize for the delay on this, but I've been out of the office for
most of the last few weeks tending to unexpected family business.

The issue here is not one of copyright.

The problem is, as I explained back in April, that you based the Closures
prototype on the JRL source distribution, and under the terms of the JRL
you don't have the right to publish your modified version under the GPL,
or to forward-port your changes to a GPL'd OpenJDK source tree and
publish that.  (IANAL, but that's my best understanding of the story.)

This situation is similar to that of the FreeBSD port, so we've already
been working with Sun Legal on a solution.  Yesterday I received final
approval on a letter to you which will clarify Sun's understanding of the
situation.  I'll send that to you in a moment.

If you find the letter acceptable then the next step is for you to send
diffs of your changes relative to an OpenJDK tree to Jonathan Gibbons as
a contribution under the SCA.  Jon can then apply the diffs, push the
result into the Closures forest, and from that point onward the code will
be GPL'd.

- Mark

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