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Neal Gafter neal at gafter.com
Fri Jun 13 00:36:41 PDT 2008

On Thu, Jun 12, 2008 at 2:29 PM, Mark Reinhold <mr at sun.com> wrote:

> The issue here is not one of copyright.
> The problem is, as I explained back in April, that you based the Closures
> prototype on the JRL source distribution, and under the terms of the JRL
> you don't have the right to publish your modified version under the GPL,
> or to forward-port your changes to a GPL'd OpenJDK source tree and
> publish that.  (IANAL, but that's my best understanding of the story.)

Your understanding of my development processes is incorrect.  In any case,
my development processes are irrelevant. I own my changes until I license or
contribute them to another party.  Sun has granted me a license to the
openjdk code under GPLv2.  Under section 2 of that license I have been
granted the right to distribute my modified version - that is, a version
that contains only Sun's GPLv2 code with my own changes.  *Sun is attempting
to repudiate its license to me under the GPL by adding additional
restrictions to my ability to distribute my modified version - specifically,
the requirement that I contribute my changes to Sun Microsystems before
publishing them under GPL.  That is a violation of section 6 of the GPL.*
Presuming you want downstream receivers of openjdk code to be bound by GPLv2
section 6, Sun Microsystems must honor its license.

You have my changes.  Please describe precisely what intellectual property I
have misused and in what way.  Otherwise I plan to publish my changes on or
after June 21.
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