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Neal Gafter neal at gafter.com
Fri Jun 13 16:16:39 PDT 2008


First, I'd like to apologize for the tone of my previous messages.  The past
couple of weeks has been very stressful for me (we just moved our
household), but I shouldn't be taking it out on you or Sun.  I believe you
were trying to help me resolve a possible license conflict that you
perceived to exist in my sources.

I think there has been a misunderstaing about how I developed the closures
prototype.  The binaries I distributed were generated by applying a set of
diffs to the JRL version of the code.  Every distributed version I produced
was generated from sources that were uniformly licensed under the JRL plus
my own original deltas.  My new source files were under headers asserting my
own personal copyright.

The underlying code that my diffs are applicable to have been dual licensed
to me by Sun under both the JRL and GPLv2.  The diffs I sent to Jonathan
contain no JRL code whatsoever. The full patch is based on and contains only
code licensed under GPLv2.  I have even added GPLv2 license headers to my
new source files.  Therefore both you and I are free to distribute that set
of changes under GPLv2.  I am depending only on rights granted under GPLv2.
I am not depending on any rights granted under the JRL for the openjdk
closures project, so my proposed actions cannot reasonably be interpreted as
a violation of that license.

I don't think I need any special dispensation from Sun to continue
development of the closures project.

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