Zdenek Tronicek tronicek at
Wed Jun 18 23:33:01 PDT 2008

Hi Neal,

I would like to ask you for one thing: if you plan any changes in  
syntax (e.g. -> instead of =>), do it now and not at the very end.

> My understanding -- which may be incorrect -- is that you began work
> on the Closures prototype before May 2007, using the javac code that
> was GPL'd in November 2006 combined with some non-javac code (e.g.,
> some existing java.lang classes) acquired under the JRL.  If this is
> true then your modifications to the non-javac code are covered by the
> JRL rather than GPLv2 even though the same non-javac code was later
> made available under GPLv2.

I must admit I do not understand the matter here. Is it a problem for  
you to say something like: "ok, I throw away all the old code and  
start now from the scratch... so all my code is based on code under  
GPLv2"? Or, this is not possible?

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