The Philosophy of Nothing

Paul Benedict pbenedict at
Wed Dec 2 09:06:39 PST 2009


> If you're falling over the verbiage here (that "throws Nothing" seems to
> indicate that a method must not throw anything if you don't think about it
> for very long) I suggest you get over it. Confusion in frivolously
> constructed examples...

I think you're being a bit too harsh and panicky here. Maybe you're an
expert in language design and can teach the whole subject, but I can
only formulate my questions based on the spec, which, by the way, is
incomplete. The first half is still in revision, and the second half
isn't published. Neal has been very affable to field my questions,
which won't win an award for great technical achievement, but I might
give him an award for patience and virtuous responses. What you call
"frivolously constructed" examples, I call "simple" for the sake of an
easy conversation.


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