m.invoke() vs. m()

Vladimir Kirichenko vladimir.kirichenko at gmail.com
Sat Dec 5 12:38:05 PST 2009

Vladimir Kirichenko wrote:

> The question is: "does this make java better or worse". If it leads to

Even better question: does java closures looks better or worse comparing
to other languages. If it worse - the question is: what is the point
doing it worse.

Doesn't this code look weird?


One of the points of adopting closures in java was simplification of
syntax for cases where anonymous classes now applyed: Threads, Filters,
Comparators. Why do we need it in the half-completed way - in the place
of declaration it looks better, in the case of using it looks the same?
The next request of enhancement would be to make it simpler.

Best Regards,
Vladimir Kirichenko

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