Closures for Java (0.6) specification part b

Neal Gafter neal at
Sun Dec 13 16:34:59 PST 2009

Part b of the Closures for Java 0.6 specification can now be found at  Part b extends the specification
of part a to support *control abstraction*.  There are also some minor
changes in part a of the
specification<>(described in
its change log) that do not justify bumping the version
number, the most significant of which is the addition of Peter von der Ahé
as a coauthor.

I think the most interesting remaining issue is how to modify the
specification to allow a variable of function type to be invoked using the
syntax v(args) instead of v.invoke(args).  The most promising approach is
likely the addition of such variables to both the variable and method
namespace, and a suitable modification of affected sections (meaning of
names, scopes, hiding, shadowing, overriding, overloading, method invocation
expressions, etc).

These documents, as well as links to resources related to Sun's Openjdk
Project Lambda, can be found at

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