Closures for Java (0.6) specification part b

Paul Benedict pbenedict at
Sun Dec 13 19:00:31 PST 2009


Your last section says:
> In this case an exception of type UnmatchedNonlocalTransfer is thrown.

But the code example shows type UnmatchedTransfer.

PS: Are you introducing a new Jump type too?


On Sun, Dec 13, 2009 at 6:34 PM, Neal Gafter <neal at> wrote:
> Part b of the Closures for Java 0.6 specification can now be found at
>  Part b extends the specification
> of part a to support control abstraction.  There are also some minor changes
> in part a of the specification (described in its change log) that do not
> justify bumping the version number, the most significant of which is the
> addition of Peter von der Ahé as a coauthor.
> I think the most interesting remaining issue is how to modify the
> specification to allow a variable of function type to be invoked using the
> syntax v(args) instead of v.invoke(args).  The most promising approach is
> likely the addition of such variables to both the variable and method
> namespace, and a suitable modification of affected sections (meaning of
> names, scopes, hiding, shadowing, overriding, overloading, method invocation
> expressions, etc).
> These documents, as well as links to resources related to Sun's Openjdk
> Project Lambda, can be found at
> Cheers,
> Neal

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