C++ functors and boost::bind

diego at trusteagle.com diego at trusteagle.com
Mon Dec 14 04:17:29 PST 2009

I may come from a different background, and also don't know the history and the full extent of the discussion (e.g. http://mail.openjdk.java.net/pipermail/closures-dev/2009-November/000267.html ), but I don't fully understand the syntax. I hope somebody will take my opinion into account still in this late stage.

In C++ there is a nicer and more straight forward syntax for callbacks available with functors, an example is here: 


and you can also have 

playButton.onClick(param one,param two)

with an implementation of 
void operator()(param one , param two)
in the class button

At that point you do have a full and extensible object interface and you don't need to have extra syntactic sugar.



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