transparent lambda

Stefan Schulz schulz at
Tue Dec 29 14:28:28 PST 2009

On 29.12.2009 23:21, Neal Gafter wrote:
> The syntax for a named lambda we've been discussing is
> *#name(args) { statements }*

Ok, so the example would become:

void foo() {
   foo: {
     #void() bar = #bar() {
        break foo;

> If we use labelled break for returning early from a lambda, I would
> expect it to be illegal to use a lambda label with the same name as a
> label in the enclosing method.

The example does not define a lambda label conflicting with a normal 
label. I was refering to the "may return from the enclosing method" 
using the method's name as label idea.


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