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On Mon, Jan 4, 2010 at 5:14 AM, Peter Levart <peter.levart at> wrote:

> I checked the "Jump" and "UnmatchedTransfer" classes in the BGGA 2008-08-11
> prototype on The abstract Jump class has an abstract thread()
> method that returns a thread. I haven't looked into what code is generated
> by the prototype javac in such cases, but I suspect javac generates Jump
> sub-classes for particular non-local transfers. Do you perhaps know if there
> is a document describing the implementation details of the prototype
> regarding non-local transfers?
> I may have unknowingly re-spawn the same idea once again, but does the BGGA
> prototype generate code with same semantics as described by Neal when he
> wrote the following:

BGGA does approximately what I described a transparent lambda would do.  The
scheme for the generated code is described here <>
and here <>.

I thought he was looking for a solution of how the desired semantics could
> be implemented.

No.  BGGA is already implemented.  What this thread is looking for is a
specification (syntax) that provides both transparent lambda expressions and
avoids this class of puzzle.  CfJ 0.6 a/b is my suggestion for how to do it.

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